Christian gently encourages MK to a left sway.

Dance education is always custom-tailored toward meeting your goals.

Though my expertise is in Ballroom dance, I have also worked with individuals in Salsa, Ballet, and other dance and athletic endeavors.

Christian performs natural pivots with Sasha.

Competitive Dance

Take your dancing to the next level!

Enter the world of competitive Ballroom, globally recognized as DanceSport.

Competitions are a great way to:

• Set tangible goals
• Develop consistency 
• Perform confidently

Christian performs a Hover Corte, with Sasha kicking her leg into a Develope.


Whether you wish to dance socially, compete, or perform, Ballroom is a skill that lasts a lifetime.

Partnered dancing is one of the best activities to grow confidence through movement and interpersonal communication.

Christian demonstrates how to coordinate rotation to the right.


Are you having trouble with walks, turns, or other moves?

Improve coordination and balance by exploring tools and concepts developed by the Baricchi Institute of Movement & Art.

For more information, visit the BIOMA site here.

Christian guides lady's leg into a Pressed Forward Walk.


Does learning to dance feel like learning another language?

Clarify concepts and strengthen your knowledge by mastering:

• Terminology
• Common Steps
• Actions
• Variations

Christian performs an American Smooth picture with both arms extended..


As with any art form, dancers use the body to display personal expression and feelings.

Develop your style by using dimensions, rotations, and musical phrasing.

Christian's feet striking a walk forward in Contrary Body Motion Position (CBMP)


Dance beyond steps and counts - build combinations and movements that fit like a glove.

Design or edit your choreography with the right balance of flow and wow factor!

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