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I am a professional ballroom dancer, instructor, and choreographer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Before I ever pictured myself dancing, I was an avid martial artist as a young boy. I began my dance journey in 2006, beginning with occasional Salsa classes in my early teens.

I was soon exposed to the International Style, eventually studying Ballroom and Latin. I competed in amateur Ten-Dance, at numerous competitions locally and outside California. In 2018 I registered as a professional with the National Dance Council of America and competed in the American Smooth division.

My teaching career began a decade ago in Marin County. I have worked with students of all levels and ages in social dancing, showcase performances, and Professional/Amateur competitions. 

I became an independent instructor in 2020 and continue working with various Marin, East Bay, and San Francisco students.

Teaching Style

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Dancing, as with most physical activities, is not one-size-fits-all. I use various tools such as imagery, visualization, and gentle exercises to troubleshoot sticky points instead of forcing unnatural movements. 

I have found this approach most effective in avoiding unnecessary injuries and, more importantly, making Ballroom Dancing accessible and fun for everyone.

My competitive training in American Smooth, Standard, and Latin provide me with a well-rounded skillset in Ballroom Dancing. Nonetheless, I continue my education with world-class coaches in each style to improve my dancing and stay in tune with the latest dancing insights.

I hold a Certification in the Baricchi Institute of Movement and Art, and teach figures based on the latest Dance Vision syllabi.

By combining knowledge of ballroom technique and body mechanics, I can best sharpen the skills of the dancers I work with.

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Student confidence and achievement on and off the floor are my top priority. I am attentive to each person's individuality, honoring that each dancer has a distinct vision, range of movement, and learning process.

Throughout my dance career, I have been fortunate to learn from an array of teachers from numerous backgrounds and specializations. Cross-training between styles is invaluable to a fulfilling dance experience. 

Movement and mind-body connection outside of the studio is crucial to training. When I am not on the dance floor, I can be found weightlifting, bouldering, practicing yoga, hiking, or on the Peloton bike!

I hope to guide you on your dancing journey, whether you have never taken a step before or have much experience as a seasoned competitor.

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